Mark Comparisons

Comparing marks for your class? Want some box plots? Fill the fields below to get your own data represented in aligned box plots. Data points are shown and outliers highlighted. This little project started life so that I could compare performance of the maths sets where I teach.

Example of output image. Three aligned box plots with data points shown. Outliers are indicated by lozenges.

You can input 3 data sets, with numbers separated by commas. If you only want 2, just put a 0 in the third input. I hope to improve on this limitation and expand the possibilities in future. Each data set can be given a title, and the chart can be given a title overall.

The vertical scale defaults to 0-100 to help with percentage comparison, but the auto-scale check box will allow you to override that to fill the space available with an appropriate scale.

For the data sets, enter numbers, separated by commas.